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In order to use Clusterone, you have to choose a plan. See our pricing page for details about the plans we offer.

Our PAY AS YOU GO plan is free and a great place to start. But as your projects grow in ambition and complexity, our advanced plans are perfect to give you access to all the resources and computing power you need.

Your billings on Clusterone depend on two factors:

  • Subscription: depending on your plan, you will be charged a monthly subscription fee. Each plan includes a number of computing instances you can run concurrently, as well as an amount of free storage on our servers for data and code.

  • Consumption: you will be billed for the computing power you use. Depending on your plan, you have access to a different number of concurrent instances (quota). You are charged per minute for each of those running instances. You will also be charged for storage use if you exceed the storage limits included in your plan.

Billing only starts when your job starts running. That means you are not charged for code and data cloning.

Your plan includes a certain amount of free storage. If you exceed the storage limit of your plan, we offer you access to more storage for a fee billed per GB.

You will only be charged for storage if you exceed the storage limit of your plan. We will be in touch when that happens.

Billing Cycle

Subscription fees are automatically billed to your credit card every month.

For consumption of computing power and storage, the billing cycle is 30 days. You can pay at any time, but you will be required to pay at the latest at the end of the current billing cycle.