Account Dashboard

Last updated 3 months ago

The Account Dashboard in the Matrix, Clusterone's graphic web interface, is the central place where all your account-related data is available at a glance.

The Account Dashboard allows you to:

  • Monitor your usage of computing power and storage

  • Upgrade your subscription plan

  • Pay your bill

  • Download invoices

To access the Account Dashboard, click on "Account" in the top right menu.

Monitor and Pay for Usage

The Status tab shows your consumption data and allows you to pay your bill.

At the top, you can see the current state of your account: how many jobs you have run in this billing cycle, the number of datasets and projects, as well as how much storage you are occupying.

In the next section, your computing hours since the last payment, your amount of free storage, and your free credits are displayed.

You can also check your currently running jobs, the storage cost, and the total current amount on your bill. You can click the "Pay for Usage" button to pay now.

At the bottom of the page, a list details your computing usage sorted by instance type.

Upgrade or Downgrade your plan

In the Current Plan tab, you can see the details of your current plan. You can also switch your plan by clicking on the button at the bottom.


Invoices are available from the Invoices tab. Each time you run a job shows up as its own item on the invoice.