Admin Guide

Last updated 7 months ago

A Clusterone installation comes with a default setup that should enable your users to get started, so at first you will mostly use Clusterone administration to manage your users, track job runs and projects and monitor your Cluster state.

As time goes, you may want to customize your configuration to match it precisely to your need: manage storage, compute instance types, available containers, etc.

This guide will run you through the lifetime of a Clusterone installation, and cover what you need to successfully support your users. You will find a list of the most frequent issues and tips and tricks at the end.

This guide describes how to administer a standalone installation of Clusterone, either on-premises or on a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) installation. This does not apply to our public SaaS platform For more information, contact us through our live chat on the website.


Before getting started, make sure you have an admin account on your Clusterone installation. If you don't, please contact your Clusterone account manager.